Product Details

Nefid Caps. 120’s Jar

Category: Urology


  • Nefid Kidney Capsule is a herbal supplement that manages kidney health.
  • It helps to treat urinary disorders and allows the passage of kidney stones.


  • This capsule is a plant-based formulation that helps with removing harmful toxins from the kidneys.
  • It works by facilitating dissolution and preventing recurrence of stones in the renal and urinary bladder.

Product Description

Dalmia Nefid Capsule is an Ayurvedic formulation that can help treat kidney stones and works to detoxify the kidneys. It contains the goodness of five Ayurvedic herbs and proved to be effective in removing stones and recurrence of kidney stones. Gokshura (Tribulus Terrestris) is an Ayurvedic herb most commonly known for its immunity-boosting, aphrodisiac, and rejuvenation properties. It manages urinary disorders and manage sexual disorders like erectile dysfunction as it is a natural aphrodisiac. Pashan-bhed (Bryophyllum pinnatum) has antilithic and diuretic properties and is mostly used for the removal of kidney and urinary tract stones. It might also help manage ulcers due to its antioxidant and antiulcer properties. Shalmali (Bombax ceiba) helps with urinary disorders and abdominal pain.

Directions for Use


2 capsules twice a day after a meal or as directed by the physician.