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Everything you should know before taking any supplement

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We are leading a hectic lifestyle which leads to stress and hypertension among the majority of working population. Lack of sport and recreational activities along with bad eating habits affects our physical as well as mental health. Here comes the need to add essential dietary supplements to our daily routine but the question arises is how much are you aware of your health and which supplement is good for you?

Let’s try to highlight some important tips to help you in adopting a healthy lifestyle with holistic approach:

  1. Seek advice from a medical practitioner before consuming any supplement
  2. Make a well-informed decision before making any major changes to your diet.
  3. Adopt a healthy lifestyle lifestyle by exercising daily.
  4. A healthy and nutritious diet cannot be replaced by supplements alone.
  5. Different supplements cater to different requirements of a body.

Most commonly recommended supplements to meet the nutritional requirements of a body are:

  1. Calcium- For improved bone health
  2. Vitamin B12- For prevention of Anemia
  3. Vitamin C- For prevention of cell damage
  4. Vitamin D- For stronger bones
  5. Vitamin K- For blood clotting
  6. Protein- For growth and maintenance of tissues
  7. Zinc- For better skin health
  8. Multivitamins- For better immunity
  9. Omega- For meeting the requirement of essential fats
  10. Minerals- For building strong bones and teeth

As per a recent survey conducted by EY (Ernst & Young), an estimated 40 per cent of Indians are ready to pay a premium for health and wellness improvement products. EY also suggested that there’s a visible rise in the demand of health supplements by nearly 25% in India, post Covid-19.

DHL offers a range of supplements and immunity boosters to improve your mental and physical health. Majority of the plant-based formulations are prepared after going through rigorous clinical trials conducted at Dalmia Centre for Research and Development (DCRD). It has a complete range of healthcare and wellness products falling under various categories such as Neuro, Gastrointestinal, Immunity Boosters, Respiratory Care, Diabetic Care, Liver Care, Sexual Improvement, Pain Management and Urocare etc.

Note: Supplements are meant to be supplementary and not mandatory for your health. That’s why, consulting a medical practitioner is always suggested to choose what’s right for your health. Especially, they should be kept away from the reach of children and consumed as per the directions.

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