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Dalmia Shilajit 60-Caps Jar

Category: Sexual range


  • Dabur Shilajit Capsule contains processed Shilajit which is a recommended health tonic for providing strength and stamina.
  • This nutritional capsule improves the overall constitution and wellness of the body.
  • It acts as a restorative tonic and helps in the recovery post an illness by aiding in the treatment of wear and tear of body tissues.
  • The medicine acts as a body regulator and helps improve the immunity.


Benefits :

  • It is known to increase sex drive and vitality in men
  • It helps in revitalizing general weakness and helps in overcoming chronic fatigue.
  • It removes excess toxins from the body.
  • Improves overall functioning of the body.
  • It can be useful in case of infertility.

Product Description

Dalmia Shilajit is an Ayurvedic supplement that helps to boost stamina, improves strength, vigor, vitality, thereby promoting overall health. Shilajit is needed to improve resilience and maintain robust health. It is used to treat general weakness by boosting your energy level. It acts as a health tonic that helps to boost strength and stamina. Shilajit helps to reduce joint pain and general weakness because of its Vata balancing, Balya, and Rasayana (rejuvenating) properties. The benefits of shilajit capsules include increased strength, regaining vigour, vitality, and memory grasping power. 

Shilajit is also known to improve lactation in nursing mothers when combined with other Ayurvedic herbs. Studies state that Shilajit might also improve sperm motility and the level of testosterone in males. The capsule is not known to cause any side effects when taken as recommended by your doctor.


  1. Restorative Health Tonic.
  2. Boosts Immunity.

Directions for Use


This capsule is generally recommended to be taken with lukewarm milk. In case of any side effects or symptoms, consult your doctor at the earliest. Along with the capsule, have a healthy diet loaded with essential vitamins and minerals which help in improving your overall sexual function. Tell your doctor if you are taking any other medicines as they may affect or be affected by this medicine. If you are allergic to this capsule or any of its components, then do not take this medicine. Keep it out of reach of children and store it in a cool, dry place away from the sunlight. 




1 cap twice daily for adults or as directed by physician


Who is it for?


Men & Women